About Us

Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine was started by two girls, one from St Louis and one from New York who met through their blogs and became life long friends. Although 800 miles apart, they chat every day about their kids, husbands, blogs and dreams. Bunny and Brittany started Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine to unite their love of vintage fashion, movies, lifestyle and community.

I go by the name Bunny Moreno. I am a full-time stay at home mama to three incredible little munchkins. I am a vintage blogger, writer, model, and enthusiast.

I started my journey into vintage full time in June 2011. Shortly after the birth of my last child I felt I needed to reconnect with myself and a pinup shoot is what I did. I have been sharing what I have learned on my blog since July 2011. This journey into the vintage world has been outstanding.

Blogging has done wonders to feed my stay at home mama brain when after a few hours of watching toddler cartoons and coloring, I can go blog about a classic film or an outfit I love or just about my own personal musings. I love writing and expressing myself. I am happiest when I get to love and be loved by my family.

Something most people don't know about me until they get to know me really well is that I have a disability. I was born with CMT which is affliated with Muscular Dystrophy. I wear leg braces daily and I have my challenges but doesn't everyone?

Facing my challenges and embracing my blessings is what I do everyday. I love to share with others and making new connections, so feel free to get to know me! See my main blog, Bunny's Victory

Hi there! I'm Brittany from St Louis. I write my blog, Va-Voom Vintage and run my vintage clothing boutique Va-Voom Vintage Shop on etsy. I started blogging 3 years ago, right after my daughter, Olivia was born.

I have always been passionate about historical fashion and I wanted a creative outlet and a means to connect with other people who share my same interest. Being a stay at home mom brought me to many months in pajamas and with a new baby, I felt like I really needed a few minutes in the day to focus on "me" time. Through my blog, I hoped to inspire other women , regardless of age or dress size to take a few moments every day to be glamorous and feel beautiful.

In July of 2012, I got the idea to start my own online magazine but I wasn't sure where to begin or if I could do it on my own with all of my other projects that I do. I started talking to Bunny about it one day and as we got more excited about the idea, I said "you know what? Let's just do this....like right now!"  and we did!


  1. You gals are wonderful - thankyou so much for your mag, and congrats and good luck xxx

  2. Oh! I am so excited to find your magazine. Yeay! What an insanely fun thing to read. You girls totally ROCK!