Thursday, June 6, 2013

Submit your Looks and Articles for issue 6!

We're wrapping up our tea time issue and getting ready for issue 6 "On the Home Front".

 This issue is all about WW2 and the 1940s. Send in your articles to be included in this issue!
The deadline to submit to this issue is July 31st. This issue will be published on August 10th.
Please email submissions to us at

Article Submissions
We couldn't keep this ezine going without our amazing contributors! We do not have word counts for articles. To get an idea of typical article length, check out some of our previous issues. 

 Please be sure to include:
-Your name as you would like to be credited
-Your blog or website that you would like us to link back to
-Photos if you have any to include. If you don't have any photos to include, we'll add images appropriate to your topic. You can never send too many photos! Please make them large, clear and colorful.

Some topics that we always love:
fashion tips
your collections
spotlight on a small business
local vintage happenings in your area
music, art and culture

Again, please check our previous issues for inspiration

The Contributors Pages
This month, we started a contributors page to showcase all of our wonderful participants. To be included in the contributors page, please include:
-a head shot that you would like us to use
-a short blurb about yourself
- your blog or website if you would like a link back

Dolled Up
This month, we are looking for a few more photos of your 1940s looks. Please note- we do not publish pin up photos of any kind. There are already a ton of pin up/ alternative retro magazines out there so we wanted to do something different. Hey Doll! Vintage Magazine publishes fashion photography and outfits typically worn in the 1920s-1960s as well as modern retro looks. Please send in high resolution photos so we can see all of the details of your gorgeous outfits!

please include
your name as you would like to be credited
permission to publish if you used a professional photographer
photographer's name

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Get Ready for the Tea Time Issue

We hope that you all enjoyed our Gatsby Issue. Now, we're gearing up for tea time and are accepting submissions for articles and for our dolled up section.

email Bunny at or email us at for submissions

Read Issue 4, The Great Gatsby Issue Today

Hey Dolls!
 We were a little late getting issue 4 released due to Brittany being sick for a long time but it's finally here! We hope that it was well worth the wait and that you enjoy every page.

 Thank you to our wonderful contributors for their articles and photo submissions. Without you guys, this e-zine would not be possible!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Issue 5 Submissions

Thank you to all of our wonderful contributors from issue 4. With everything that we do, we honestly could not keep this magazine running for long without our contributors!

 We are wrapping up issue 4 and will be publishing soon....Now on to issue 5!

Theme: Tea Time
Release Date: June 9th
Deadline for Submissions: June 2nd

Photo Submissions
 For our dolled up section, please send in photos of your favorite tea time ensembles such as tea dress, vintage hats or summery selections such as light dresses and Victorian inspired styles.

Please include:
your name as you would like to be credited
the name of the photographer with permission to publish, if applicable
  your blog, website or business if you have one

Submissions for Articles

This issue takes an old fashioned, turn with tea houses set in Victorian mansions, quaint bakeries, small pleasures of pearls and embroidered gloves.

A few ideas include: your tea time recipes, articles on vintage china and tea sets, linens, summer picnics, decorating and sprucing up an old hat, hosting a tea service, old fashioned health and beauty tips and etiquette. For more inspiration,  please check out our past issues to see what types of articles other contributors have sent in.

Please include:
❤  your name as you would like to be credited
high quality photos that you would like us to use with the article (or we can add images)
  your blog or website if you have one

please email all submissions and questions to us at

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Issue 3

Hey Dolls!

Bunny and I had every intention of completing issue 3 while she was visiting me last weekend but we got to chatting and shopping and having too much fun and it just wasn't finished in time! So, better late than never, right? We hope that you enjoy Hey Doll! Issue 3, our Mad men issue. Stay tuned for informtion on next month's issue and how you can submit or be featured!